Horace Greene Press Kit

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Horace Greene is a driven, passionate and charismatic band from Oshkosh, WI. Their sound is remarkably diverse and forward-thinking, blurring the lines between various genres. Their songs fall somewhere in between the melodies and grooves of 60s soul and the groundbreaking expressive energy of blues and alternative music.

The group consists of vocalist/guitarist Tony Oakley, as well as bassist Sam Swetlik and Mitch Washebek behind the drum kit. Ever since their early days in late 2015, the group set out to polish their sound and achieve a unique chemistry, eventually leading up to the recording sessions for their first album, which was produced in Tony’s childhood home. Their set up consisted in arranging a makeshift studio in the space, with each musician performing in a different room, achieving studio-like isolation in their recordings, while performing live as a band, instead of multi-tracking their instruments one by one.

The spontaneous and authentic approach to production makes for an album that feels genuine, organic and direct, much like the band’s songs and lyrics. The group brought the project on the road through 2017, and they are now back at it with their second full-length album, “The Diamond Engine” which showcases the band’s development and creative influences, moving away from blues-inspired guitar rock and diving deeper into their soul and power pop influences…Think The Kinks jamming with Otis Redding! This second release is a huge milestone for the band, highlighting their fondness for daring and adventurous songwriting, which escapes easy categorizations and obvious genre definitions.